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Because Math.....

 So no, fear didn't creep in with that note - it slapped me right upside my head. What was this going to be like for her? Would she struggle? Would she get it? Would she get frustrated and throw the pencils across the room? WOULD THIS BE THE MOMENT THAT WE DISCOVERED THAT THE DOCTORS WERE RIGHT, AND SHE HAD REACHED HER FULL LEARNING CAPACTIY????

So I did what all nervous wreck mothers do. I drank. Wine.  

1+1=2 glasses, to be exact.

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The New Dad: Exploring Charts (and Hearts) Unknown

Parenting thus far has definitely been a little more challenging than I expected, but on the flip side, it has also been the most incredible and rewarding experience of my life. I feel like I was prepared in some ways (desire, maturity, financially, spiritually, etc.), but I wasn’t prepared for how many questions I would have… a college degree, but dumb when it comes to newborn basics…

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