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Fit AND Fat? Yep, That's A Thing.

But when I started working out, I struggled like a sorority girl in church after a Saturday night hook-up. Don’t make that face. The struggle is real. I mean, here I am, screaming “Love the skin you’re in!” and “Be confident  — you’re beautiful just as you are, you’re worthy of love!” But I've taken up cycling and working out with a trainer, which will essentially change my body. 

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Can't Stop, Won't Stop: My Journey In Self Love

And for a very VERY brief moment in time I wore color contacts. They were violet. Yup. VI-O-FUCKING-LET. And you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t fly. However, looking back, I WASN’T FLY. Not even the slightest bit. There isn’t a black girl on this planet who has naturally violet eyes. Not even GOOGLE could find one! I looked it up and ya know what came up - Japanese anime figures. It doesn’t exist. A black girl with naturally violet eyes is a mythical magical being - like a unicorn, or a griffin - or better yet - A PEGASUS.

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