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You Can't Rhinestone Appropriation


Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ten years from now. NEVER. The same way you can’t put on blackface and call yourself “playing the part of a black person”, is the same way you cannot put on crutches and leg braces and fetish booths and call yourself “playing the part of a sexy disabled girl”. Know why? Because the same way there are a million Black people who can actually play themselves, there are a million sexy disabled women out there who can also play themselves

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Because Math.....

 So no, fear didn't creep in with that note - it slapped me right upside my head. What was this going to be like for her? Would she struggle? Would she get it? Would she get frustrated and throw the pencils across the room? WOULD THIS BE THE MOMENT THAT WE DISCOVERED THAT THE DOCTORS WERE RIGHT, AND SHE HAD REACHED HER FULL LEARNING CAPACTIY????

So I did what all nervous wreck mothers do. I drank. Wine.  

1+1=2 glasses, to be exact.

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Sh*t People Say.....

Maybe I'm assuming too much with this one.  I will be the first to tell you that I don't know a whole heck of a lot about Autism.  But every parent that I know that has a child somewhere on the spectrum has said that they hate when people point out the obvious when they're kid is having a "rough day", and hate even more when people offer unsolicited advice on how to "handle" their child.  As if Autism is a product of bad parenting, or lazy parenting.

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Help! I've Fallen....And I've Gotten Smarter

And just when I thought I couldn't possibly have any MORE respect for her than I already did, I acquired a beautiful set of shiny new crutches, and went from being a typically abled mama caring for her kiddo with special needs, to being the one with "special needs".  HER needs became not so special because she has always had them, so for us it's just everyday living.  Me, on the other hand....totally different story.

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Laughing As We Go

Anyway, three and a half years later, and I think I've loved this kid out of mental retardation and straight into "I'm a celebrity and thou must love me" mode.  She insists on shaking hands with EVERY SINGLE PERSON who enters a room - grown, grumpy old men included. She winks at handsome strangers (which works out nicely for me).

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