You Can't Rhinestone Appropriation


Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ten years from now. NEVER. The same way you can’t put on blackface and call yourself “playing the part of a black person”, is the same way you cannot put on crutches and leg braces and fetish booths and call yourself “playing the part of a sexy disabled girl”. Know why? Because the same way there are a million Black people who can actually play themselves, there are a million sexy disabled women out there who can also play themselves

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The Off Key Yet Rousing Chorus On Parenting In The Age Of Zoos, Racism, And The Media

Why in the name of all things good and holy are other moms feeling the need to skewer this mom for basically being a mom? How many times have you lost your kid at the beach? How many times have you almost left your child in the car because they fell asleep on the drive home from the grocery store, and you forgot and started taking bags into the house? How many times have you walked out of the room for five minutes and come back to find little Johnny scaling the furniture pretending to be spiderman?

How many times have you basically been a mom, and your child been a child, and the shit hits the fan and you end up in the emergency room getting 25 stitches and a lollipop?


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