Father's Day is this Sunday, and though I am a single mom, I felt the pull in my heart to honor fathers in various stages of parenting.  The relationship I now have, and the relationship I didn't have with my own father is something I examine often.  I've often wondered what his thoughts were when I was born, what his hopes were for me as a teen, and how he would have (or maybe would NOT have) offered up his own wisdom in parenting to me, his only child. For this reason I have taken the time to interview 3 fathers who are in various stages of parenthood, each challenging and exciting in their own way.  Their open, honest, and REAL answers to my questions were thought provoking, at times giggle inducing, and more than once, tear inducing. I hope you will enjoy this single mom's journey into fatherhood, through the eyes of the dads themselves. There will be a new posting from a Dad in a different stage of fatherhood starting on Wednesday, leading right up to Father's day.  On THAT day, I am going to share my own personal reflection on Father's day, with a letter to my late father. I sincerely hope you enjoy this single mama's foray into the world of FATHERHOOD.