This Post Is NOT About My Kid

Nope. It's not.  Aside from stating the obvious - I have a kid - this post is all about MOI.  I am a girl with laser beam focus bordering on tunnel vision who sometimes gets so uber sucked into the world of mommyhood and business building that I lose track of the world around me and forget about all the fabulous things I love to do.  Apparently, I'm also a girl prone to run-on sentences.  But you will forgive me for that because I'm cute, and charming, and I make you laugh.  

I recently rekindled my love affair with beautiful shoes.  Something about a high heel  makes me feel strong. Confident. Powerful .  It also makes me look about 5-10 pounds thinner, and I will NEVER say no to that.  I love to box.  It's something I recently took up with my trainer after I told him "I hate cardio...the treadmill was created by Satan himself so either you find something else for me to do, or I start ugly rumors about you". He pulled out the gloves and said "jab". I jabbed.  He said "uppercut".  I uppercut.  He said right hook. I knocked his ass off balance.  That's when I knew. I.LOVE.TO.BOX.  I can be easily bribed with red wine, a good martini, or Trader Joe's Chili Rubbed Mango Slices.  I dance while I drive, and sing really loudly in my car (No really - like, in my head I AM Alicia Keys singing "Girl On Fire").  Idris Elba is my fantasy (accent and all), however my body pillow is my reality.  I don't text, tweet, email, chat, talk on the phone, or post on Thursdays between the hours of 9 and 10.  That's when I get my Olivia Pope on. If you don't know what that means, as my grandmother used to say, 'ya betta ask somebody'.

And yes, I'm slowly building my mini empire. I'm building a future for me and the kiddo (second and last reference, I swear). I'm building a brand. I'm building brain cells by the bazillions (I don't even know if that's possible - but I'm doing it), building friendships, building networks, building my faith, and building strength.  One day I'll be building a beautiful home for me and she who shall not be named or mentioned again.  Someday I'll be custom building my Porsche Cayenne Turbo. I can't wait for the day I can build a closet for my vintage purses, my girl cave complete with mirror wall and ballet bar, and my home library.  

I am all the things above, and probably a million other things I've yet to discover.  I am also stuck at home nursing a busted knee and instead of whine about it, I have decided to bombard your computer screen with all things 'Diba.  And yes...I am a mommy.  This is not a consolation prize.  It is THE prize. 

But like I said, this post is NOT about my kid.