Love Notes with Jason Mraz

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Jason Mraz and #SPREADYES. All thoughts, opinions and views expressed are mine, and mine alone.


Being asked to write a blog piece is one thing. Being asked to write a blog piece about a MUSICIAN? Well that…THAT’S something. I love music. I go to sleep with it, I wake up with it, I shower with it. Music is as crucial to my daily keeping of sanity as sunlight is to plants in the garden.  Then they told me WHO I was writing about, and well, I was instantly transported, and the words just danced and twirled in my head. Folks, I bring you YES! by Jason Mraz.

Jason Mraz. Sweet, fresh faced, smooth voiced man with a guitar.  When he sings he takes your heart on a journey.  When he tells you he won’t give up, you believe him. You sing right back to him “Cuz I know we’re worth it!”  When he croons “Sistah you got it all”, you strut across your bedroom with just a bit more swag, for no one but your own reflection in the full length mirror and mouth the words back to yourself – Sistah, you got it all! And for that one moment in time, if you’ve never felt sexy or beautiful or even worthy, for that one single moment in time you are all that and then some because, well, Jason Mraz says you got it all. THIS is why I love music. It moves, it inspires, it makes you feel and believe and breathe in an entire experience in just 3-5 minutes.  Jason Mraz is no exception to this rule, so I wasn’t surprised when I found myself teary-eyed and breathless as I listened to his new album Yes! One song, “Love Someone” took me from first date to wedding day with the man of my dreams.  Don't believe me? Take a look and see if the same thing doesn’t happen to you?


I listened to his voice slide over the lyrics Shining stars all seem to congregate around your face when you love someone, it comes back to you”, and instantly remembered every moment of every date I’d ever been on with my love.  I fell in love all over again. I remembered every kiss, every date, every shiver I got the first time we exchanged "I Love You's"...I remembered all of it. THAT’S what Jason Mraz does. He takes your heart there and back again – on every single album – you get the full experience of love, and this one is no different. 

Now, because I HATE to cry alone, I'm going to tell you how you can get your Kleenex-clutching hands on his new album right.freakin'.now AND how you can take a visual stroll down memory lane EVERY DAY. First thing you should know - YES! is currently available to download on iTunes right now, and because Mr. Mraz is just-that-amazing, he's releasing a new video every day featuring some of his faves from YES!, so you can fall in love all over again. And if  THAT'S not enough for you, Mr. Mraz has launched his #SPREADYES contest. Winners will get delicious Mrazswag, personally autographed goodies, and one lucky fan will get whisked away to see one of his shows. All you have to do is tweet the hashtag #SPREADYES, and spread the word about his new album, YES!, and you'll be entered to win!  So whichever way you do it, however you need to make Jason Mraz happen for you, you need to make it happen. Let me say that again. You NEED to make it happen.They say you only fall in true love once, but from what I can tell Jason Mraz is hell bent on proving them wrong.

Download your copy of YES! , listen to it, fall in love, kiss and repeat. In that order.