Warm Fuzzies

Because I mean seriously, aren't there ENOUGH bad sad tragic heartbreaking make ya doubt the goodness of humanity stories out there?? I'll save the social commentary for my blog (you can read that HERE if ya wanna get all riled up). But if you just want a little pick me up, want a reminder that there is still good in the world, need some encouragement to keep going, and wanna feel inspired to go do something AWESOME for someone else JUST BECAUSE.....then grab a blanket and curl up for a heaping serving of WARM FUZZIES.

Because quite simply put: technology effin' rocks!

Because even when you don't have a voice, you can still have a voice.

Because David Hasselhoff. Because Knight Rider. Because KITT. Because this will make your face explode with smiles.

Because heartbreak doesn't have to break you. Because sometimes heartbreak can actually bring out the best in you.

Because everyone deserves a loving family. And because KLEENEX DAMMIT!

Because what you do comes back to you - and sometimes it's AMAZING.

Because LOVE.