What IS #TeamWhoSaysWeCant?

#TeamWhoSaysWeCant is my space to give a hot damn Hi-5 to the people who are laughing in the face of society, and doing the unthinkable. The girl with one arm who can do a 235lb dead lift. The blind soccer team out of Brazil who are KILLIN' it out on the field. Heather Whitestone - Miss America 1995, aka the deaf ballerina. All the people in all the world who are doing amazing things everyday DESPITE what doctors say, and society believes, is possible.  

These are the people who say 'Who Says We Can't?' Who says we can't do the same things you can do, and possibly even better? Who Says We Can't dream the impossible dream, and then achieve it? Who Says We Can't do whatever we damn well set our minds to do? WHO.FREAKIN.SAYS?  

So here ya go....my homage to #TeamWhoSaysWeCan't. Watch these, and then go out and do something ya thought you could never do. Oh - and yep..my kid is on #TeamWhoSaysWeCant. She's a freakin' rock star who doesn't understand the concept of the word "can't". Doctors said no walking, no talking, no riding a bike. Her video clips are coming - special needs my ass. 

Brazil's Blind Soccer Team. Yes. They're B.L.I.N.D. BLIND.

Krystal Cantu. One and one HALF arms. 135 lbs of weight. I have 2 FULL arms and I can't even do this. Get it Krystal.

This is Tim. Tim has Down's Syndrome. Tim owns a restaurant. Tim had a dream, and made it come true. The very essence of #TeamWhoSaysWeCan't. Tim...We heart you.

Kelcie Laube is a 15-year-old dancer with Cerebral Palsy. Honey, when ya gotta dance ain't nothin' gonna stop you. Not even little old CP. 

#TeamWhoSaysWeCant isn't just for the humans. Pups in Wheelchairs. Yes. They really are that cute. Read an article about these awesome pups here.

Soooo...I'm kind of beyond speechless. Introducing the ill-Abilities B-Boy Crew. BE AMAZED.

Because Nordstrom's got the memo - Differences are FLY! Models w/special needs  - who knew? WE DID. Oh, and yeah...that's my kid rockin' that hot pink wheelchair. Click the image or click HERE. But whatever you do - CLICK. 

Remember that time we had a Miss America who was deaf? Did you hear about Miss Iowa 2014 - she's missing part of her arm. Oh, and Miss Idaho? She has diabetes and wore her Insulin pump on her bikini bottom during the pageant. Yep. You guessed it. These ladies are on #TeamWhoSaysWeCant!