The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is the Mother of all. She is the life-maker. In the honey bee hive, if the hive needs a new Queen she is created by the workers (her sisters). This is done by giving a larva extra love and food (and a special cell to accommoadate that ass). All new female offspring have the potential to become a reproductive Queen. Queens are nurtured into existence. She does not "rule", but a hive without a Queen loses its life force and it's sense of purpose.

- Athena Hagen, Bee Evangelist


Buzz buzz lovelies! 

Isn't that description just divine? That is me to a T! Socially speaking, if a woman is labeled a "Queen Bee", she is considered to be demanding, self centered, and a diva. But look at that description up there  - the Queen Bee is a force, but that force has been nurtured by the women around her. She doesn't rule (i.e. not a diva), but without her the hive loses its sense purpose . She is a "life-maker". 

This is precisely what I want to do in this world - help you make your life more amazing than you could have dreamed. I've been through a lot in my time here, and I've finally narrowed down my purpose. My purpose is YOU! I want you to find your happy, your purpose, your love for self, your most authentic self. YOUR LIFE. I have a lot of pans cooking on the fire, but they are all with the same purpose - living my most authentic life, in the hopes that it will inspire you to live yours. I want you to realize that YOU are beautiful and worthy of love JUST AS YOU ARE. I want YOU to fly face first into your life, with the realization that your wildest dreams ARE possible. Stick with me at The Full Nelson to get a healthy dose of self love in my ramblings, and sign up for the weekly newsletter for tips on self love, making dreams come true, and ridiculous humor! Honey is sweet, but living your best life is sweeter! Join me!