Meet ClaraBelle Blue

THIS is my baby.  My dream come true.  My 'don't stop believin'.  "Meet ClaraBelle Blue" is the debut book of The ClaraBelle Series, about a sweet preschooler w/MAJOR moxie, and a hot pink wheelchair to match!  Being the new kid in school, naturally the other kids are curious, and are fairly sure that she is COMPLETELY different from them.  However, ClaraBelle being ClaraBelle, is determined to show her classmates just how LIKE THEM she truly is!

Reviews and Accolades for "Meet ClaraBelle Blue"

Adiba Nelson’s sincere, easy narrative is a heartfelt exploration of patience, acceptance and understanding—a most perfect way to introduce the concept of special needs to young children. ClaraBelle Blue’s abilities make it plain: “Everything you can do, I can do, too—let’s play!” What a delicious message to spread far and wide. Adiba’s deft touch does a fine job of delivering.

-Denene Millner, New York Times bestselling author and founder of



This book was AWESOME!  I also loved that the book said that ClaraBelle Blue was just like YOU - even though she was in a wheelchair!

-Lauren Graham, Age 6 1/2



I've had this book for 2 weeks now and have read it to my son quite a few times! It is absolutely adorable book and has a great message. I think a book like this should be in every classroom (younger grades, as it is a children's book) to help educate our young children that "special needs" children only want to be accepted as everyone else because they ARE like everyone else. Love the book! I can't recommend it enough!

-Faith Clinkenbeard, Mom/Business Owner



This is a beautiful story that educates children about special needs. It fosters understanding while celebrating differences. The main character is full of pizzazz and tenderness. It is truly a wonderful story that is one of my daughter's favorite books.

-Jennifer Meyer, Mom/History Professor